Learning PUJA

Everyone desires to have good health, happiness, security and peace of mind.
Since the modern society is growing fast, you have very little time to recollect for yourself.
However, it is not too late. You can learn to recite at least a few verses or stanzas from this Puja CD and recite it every day before the Buddha with devotion.

Sponsors: Infodisc Multimedia Mfg. Pte Ltd, Lee Tat Printing Pte Ltd,
               Poh Choon Huay, Albert Lim Pee Boon, Jeff Tan Kok Ann,
               Angela Tan, Tan Swee Kheng, Dassy Ng,
               Agnes Wong Ngiat Inn and Lim Boon Noi

This is the 3 most powerful stanzas of the traditional Mantra. When you listen or chant regularly, you will get great results such as protection, good health and success in all your wishes and ambitions.
The contents of this Album are scriptures that were found engraved on some stone, which was covered, and it's believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
Ven. R Gnanaseeha wishes that this album could bring some warm to the people.

Pure II CD was launched on 1 January 2004.

S$2.00 will be contributed to The Straits Times School Pocket Fund with every purchase of Pure II CD.

CD is available at: Tower Records (Tel : 6338-5755), Awareness Place
(Tel : 6337-7582, 6894-1456), Samadhi Buddhist Society (Tel : 6348-0631), Rhythmiz Music Production (Tel : 6297-2602), Kaity (Tel : 6743-1828), Evergreen Buddhist Culture Service (Tel : 6220-6360), Dan Lim Religious Artifacts & Trading (Tel : 6336-9680), Zen Buddhist Culture Services Centre (Tel : 6392-4256), Hayashi Laundry Station (Tel : 6534-1323), MusicCene (Tel : 6348-4074) and Mustafa Centre(Tel : 6295-5855 ext 0511)