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Whole Night Paritta Chanting

Paritta chanting or sutra chanting is a well-known Buddhist practice conducted all over the world, specially in the Theravada Buddhist countries where the Pali language is used for recital. Many of these are important sutras from the basic teachings of the Buddha which were selected by his disciples.

When the sutras are chanted, the three great and powerful forces are activated. These are the forces of the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha. For the last 2500 years, devotees with great devotion, participated in the sutras chanting session, got spiritual solace. Also by listening attentively to the chanted sutras by the disciples of the Buddha, people would be relieved from suffering of epidemics, famines, sickness and other natural disaster.

The sutras the Buddhists recite for protection are known as paritta chanting. Paritta means Protection. Here protection means shielding ourselves from various forms of evil spirits, misfortune, sickness and influence of the planetary systems as well as instilling confidence in the mind.

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