25th Anniversary

New Year Prayers

Chinese New Year

Eight Precepts

Vesak Day

Mother's Day Celebration

Transference of Merits

Mooncake Festival Celebration


Whole Night Paritta Chanting

108 Times Prayers

Birthday Celebration

Dhamma Talk

Register of Marriage


Opening Ceremony 24 Oct 2003

10th Anniversary

Millennium Dinner

Food Fair at Tai Pei Centre

Annual Dinner

Eight Precepts

The Eight Fold Precepts mean to keep the mind and body purified in 24-hour period by practicing the eight retreat precepts:

1) Not killing living beings
2) Not stealing
3) Not having sexual intercourse
4) Not telling lies
5) Not taking intoxicants
6) Not wearing bodily decoration, perfumes, nor dancing and singing
7) Not sleeping in an eloborate, raised bed
8) Not eating after noon time

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